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Costa Rica Rainforest Honeymoon Suite – The Blue Butterfly Room

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The Blue Butterfly, also known as the Blue Morpho rainforest honeymoon suite, is an open-air cabin that’s nestled high above in the rainforest canopy. The Blue Butterfly is only one of two cabins situated above the Lodge and requires climbing a staircase to reach them. We recently built an add on to it and it now has 2 queen sized beds so can accommodate 4 persons. If climbing stairs is an issue, we recommend staying in one of our other tree house style rooms.

The Honeymoon Suite

Experience the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest. Stay in the jungle treetops where the birds and monkeys of the Costa Rica rainforest hang out most of the day. This cute little honeymoon suite neighbors Lookout Inn Lodge’s Monkey House cabana and has awesome ocean and beach views from its private deck.

The Blue Butterfly Room Includes:

$160 per person double occupancy
$210 single
$80 for children under 11 years

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Lookout Inn Lodge Rooms Include:

Our Rainforest Inn Rooms

All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Costa Rica Green Season (May 1 – Nov 31) Room Rates are 20% off. Green Season is our rainy season where travel slows down and the frogs and turtles multiply. The rainiest months are October-November and some people really enjoy the rainy season, but if rain is an issue for you please consider an alternate time that best suits your taste. Remember, this is the season where travel slows down and rainforest critters are born. Come visit us and enjoy this unusual season, its beautiful!

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