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The Beach Bungalow at Lookout Inn Lodge

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The Beach Bungalow at Lookout Inn is a special private cabina with outstanding scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and Carate’s black sand beach. The bungalow is a family-style cabin suitable for families or guests who would like a bit more room to spread out.

Nestled in the rainforest, this secluded bungalow is appropriately named; it’s extremely close (about 150 feet) to an unspoiled and pristine black sand beach! With its private setting, spacious interior and decks with outstanding scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and Osa Peninsula rainforest, the Beach Bungalow is a popular honeymoon vacation rental.

Our rainforest Beach Bungalow amenities:

The Beach Bungalow is truly inviting and the open-air cabin allows for a cooling effect by letting tropical ocean breezes waft through. There are also pathway trails that lead in many directions, such the beach, trekking trails through the rainforest, a refreshing cool swimming pool and the main lodge for homegrown and home-cooked meals and refreshing tropical drinks.

$160 per person double occupancy
$80 for children under 11 years

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All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Costa Rica Green Season (May 1 – Nov 31) Room Rates are 20% off. Green Season is our rainy season where travel slows down and the frogs and turtles multiply. The rainiest months are October-November and some people really enjoy the rainy season, but if rain is an issue for you please consider an alternate time that best suits your taste. Remember, this is the season where travel slows down and rainforest critters are born. Come visit us and enjoy this unusual season, its beautiful!

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