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Nestled in the Osa Peninsula rainforest, our secluded Costa Rica eco lodge is a beach and rainforest inn that offers 11 room accommodations.We have open-air tree house rooms, “A” frame style tiki-huts, private bungalow cabins and traditional rooms to suit the honeymoon vacationer and the adventure traveler.

Each cabin has an Ocean View and just steps away from the beach.

Swinging Spa

Lookout Inn Swinging Spa

A beautifully crafted open-air style tree house room with rope suspended queen-size bed, large private patio, bath with rainforest water showers, tables & chairs, three (yes three) hammocks and a small cool pool.

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Monkey House

Lookout Inn Monkey House

Secluded open-air tree house room cabina with loft. It’s perched up in the rainforest canopy and offers picturesque view of Costa Rica Osa Peninsula coastline. Includes two queen beds, private deck sitting room with table, lounge chairs and hammocks and spacious open-style shower.

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Beach Bungalow

Lookout Inn Beach Bungalow

Private family-style vacation bungalow cabin that includes two queen beds, bunk bed, room divider, bath with rainforest water showers, armoires, tables and chairs, private deck with hammocks. This bungalow is the closest cabin to Costa Rica's Playa Carate black sand beach.

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Blue Butterfly

Lookout Inn Blue Butterfly

Open-air style tree house cabin positioned above the Lookout Inn lodge and nestled amongst the rainforest treetops. This family cabin is popular for honeymoon vacations and travel adventures alike. Includes 2 queen beds with overhead netting, private bath and hammock.

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Adult-only accommodation.

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Jungle Hut

Lookout Inn Jungle Hut

Private open-air tree house cabin with private balconies that provide incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding Osa Peninsula coastline. Includes queen bed, pull out sofa bed, bath with rainforest water showers, hammocks, and furniture made from bamboo and indigenous woods.

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Orquidea & Iguana

Lookout Inn Rooms

The Lookout rooms – Orquidea and Iguana are traditional cool and quiet guest rooms with 10' high ceilings, tile floors, ceiling fan, custom made doors and hand-painted murals. Includes queen sized bed and armoires, tables and chairs made from bamboo and indigenous woods.

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Tiki Hut #1 & #2

Lookout Inn Tiki Huts

Both open-air A-frame tiki hut rooms are next to each other 10' off the ground on a living rainforest hillside surrounded by a tropical garden mixed with orchids and exotic flowers. Each hut includes queen-sized bed with overhead netting, table and chairs, lights and a fan. The Tiki Huts are hidden out of view from the other, with a shared central bathhouse placed between the two. The bathhouse is completely private with an open front that faces the Pacific Ocean and tropical rainforest jungle. Unlike other tree house rooms and bungalow cabins, the Tiki Huts are accessible only by a wooden walkway winding through giant ajo trees!

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The Penthouse

Lookout Inn Black Hawk  Accommodation

The Penthouse is a large spacious open air cabin built on the 3rd level of the main lodge and is 200 feet above sea level and 300 feet to the black sand beach. The views from The Penthouse cabin are un believable. It features a neatly decorated room with a large open air palm leaf roofed balcony, a queen bed with 12 volt lights and fan, a monster shower and a couch that pulls out for an extra bed.

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The Black Hawk

Lookout Inn Black Hawk  Accommodation

NOTE: THE Black Hawk room is unavailable for booking in January and February. The Black Hawk at Lookout Inn is a special private accommodation with outstanding scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and Carate’s black sand beach. Nestled in the rainforest, this secluded bungalow is appropriately named the "black hawk" as it’s namesake is the last thing you hear at sunset. It’s extremely close (about 150 feet) to an unspoiled and pristine black sand beach! With its private setting yet outstanding scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and Osa Peninsula rainforest, the Black Hawk is a popular economic vacation rental.

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black hawk room 01 black hawk room 03 black hawk room 04

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